The first of  Eicher tractor was made in the 1930 by Joseph and Albert Eicher in small village in baaria, Germany. In beginning of considerable development of Eicher factories . Eicher’s pioneers made many of of the tests and got resulting a patient work of the Change of modern world, the first evolution was marked by the special construction of automatic mower and tractor with three wheeled. Joseph and Albert brothers born and grew up in agriculture part of country Germany. Joseph and Albert Eicher brother’s personal interest  and taste , ideas in favor to agriculture development thoughts by which it came to lead to manufacturing of modern devices and machines. The first invention of their company’s manufacturing of new technology with first farm tractor having engine including air cooled system in 1949. Eicher ranked among the most important manufacturer of tractors.

In india, Eicher company set up the eicher trctor compnay private limited in 1959 with Goodearth company of New Delhi and started productivity in 1960 of indian built Eicher tractor. Eicher company’s business taken over by TAFE in india also. TAFE is still producing Eicher tractors.

EICHER Started to produce Light truck in 1960. Masset ferguson purchased Eicher in year 1973 and built many of massey licensed products.  They now build specialized tractors for vineyards.

A rubber tracked tractor pulling a disc harrow.

A scale model of a modern Mahindra tractor in PunjabIndia.

 Alvin O. Lombard of waterville, maine invented a tractor in year 1901 for hauling logs, also as displayed at the capital city of Augustia, Maine state.  Known as “Lombard Log Haulers,” . In Maine these vehicles revolutionized.

To deliver at a high tractive effort at slow speed, a tractor is specially designed as an engineering vehicle for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in construction or agriculture .Most commonly tractor is used as farm vehicle for power and traction to mechanical tasks in agriculture such as tillage . Now a days several of tasks are being done with traction power of tractor.The tractor word is taken from latin having mean to pull. in 1896, “tractor” word was recorded first to use of word meaning “an engine engine or vehicle for pulling Ploughs or wagons”. in 1859 it was termed as “Traction engine”. In the market of tractors Eicher is oldest Barnd in industry. In various part of world, Eicher is respected mark of trust. For high value of money proposition , proficient product, economical and offer an Umeed se jyada experience and Cost effective having finest global technology, EICHER are renowned.

TAFE is Blended with precision technology and the promise of TAFE, EICHER tractor for everything and a tractor for all as a trusted product.

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