IN PANCHKULA OF HARYANA : On Tuesday dated 3rd april 2018, Home guards have continued the protest at Housing board Chowk in panchkula. They are on strike for their rights such as permanent employment with the state government as police and hike in salary. Sukhvindr singh former member and jwan of the home guards said that they are having two demands with the state government from long period, but no steps had been taken yet till dated.


The member mr sukhvinder singh and president of haryana home guards association  told that jwans of home guards are working like police constables and serving the same amount of hours also while there is disparity in pay scale. Home guards having no permanent employment by the state government.

In haryana, there is shortage of personnel in police. The shortage of personnel also may fulfilled by hiring these jwans of Home guards in police. The former member sukhvinder singh told that the jwans of Home guards having experience and trained as working for police department from a long duration, so “The police department will also  save the money which is spent for training of newly hired constables”.

Home-guard and civil deference is the department is state owned  organisation for internal and internal security and getting help during natural disaster  and riot due to nay reason. Home guards roles as second row after state police for any circumstance created in state. Department roles for maintain the calmness in state. For expenses on Homeguards department, central government pays 25% and state government pays 75%. Administrative control is under the state government of harayana.

  • Mainly the Department is organized for below mentioned responsibilities.
  • To assist the community during any emergency such as – Flood, fire and epidemic etc.
  • To assist the police to maintain the internal security as an auxiliary force.
  • To assist the administration for  protection of weeker section of community including development of women and child.
  • Provide the essential services by organizing functional services such as pioneer and engineer groups, motor transport, fire brigades, nursing and first aid, operation of water and power supply in installations etc.
  • Assist in welfare activities and -economic like health and hygiene, including development of best schemes and other so many activities as are deemed useful.


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