In this world of modernization, we have develop our self with technical and vocational education.

To get successful in the universe of modernization, we have to study better in base standards education . People have always adopted two important things as education and competition in both of tense as Present and past.


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In 1969, Boarad of school education haryana (Bhiwani) came to lead as existence as Act no. 11 (haryana) with headquarter Chandihgarh later shifted to BHiwani in january 1981

With staff of 100 officials allocated from Punjab university (chandigarh), The first examination conducted of matriculation level (10th class) in 1970. To improve the middle level education standard, the board started to conduct the middle class examination with with effect from 1976. In 1987, Board started to adopt 10+2  as pattern of education under new scheme. In 1990, the board stated to conduct vocational education for development of education system and Human culture. Mainly this initiative was taken to keeping in view the need and relevance of vocationalization of education in the backdrop of fast changing economic scenario.Many of the people in youth generation were out of reach to education due to any of reason. so in order to reach those people, Board established Open school named haryana open school education in 1994. Major efforts taken to bring into the umbrella of education to those students who could not get formal education due to any of reason in their life while interested to get Best education.

India is developing country and facing competition in the word of modernization.India is biggest market for neighbors country. for continual change in human culture and all over the world, we need better education system

Education and competition are two universal ingredients of all human cultures, in fact, of almost all animal life. Humans have always considered education and competition important issues, both in the past and in the present. Of course, there have been fluctuations in emphasis and much has changed throughout the centuries.



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