Raksha Bandhan – Ek esa tyohar jo bhai bahan ke pyar ko darshata h
Raksha Bandhan is festival of affectionately love  between sister and brother, celebrated as tying  rakhi (thread) by sister to her brother. On this festival sister holds a tray with rakhis and ties rakhi to her brother and feeds sweet also.
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Rakhi, also known as Rakshabandhan, or simply called Rakhi is an annual festival of hindus. it is  celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, rakhi is centered around the tying of a thread on the wrist, a form of ritual protection. Brother offers the protection to his sister and also priests to patrons. In north India, western India, Nepal, Rakhi festival (rite) is celebrated by hindus in different versions.In the 19th-century, British Empire‘s british colony in which Hindus were emigrated from India also celebrates rites named such as rakri, Silono and Saluno. However, the rituals associated with these rites, spreads beyond their traditional relates to religions and it is transformed by migration and technology, the movies, promotion by Hinduism,social interaction as well as with the nation state.

In Hindu lunar calender, rakhi festival is observed as on last day Shraavana(Saavan) month. Saavan month typically comes in august month on every year. On this special day about all sisters of all ages ties talisman or amulet around the wrist of their brpothers,   which is called as rakhi. On this day, sisters ritually protecting the brothers of them, receiving the gifts from them as return and with the responsibility of potential care of their sister, brothers traditionally invests for lifelong protection and share of taking responsibility of potential care f their sisters. Raksha bandhan mean bond of protection, care or obligation is expressed from sanskrit as its now principally applied to this ritual.On this event, it is also applies on a similar ritual for which a domestic priests ties amulets or threads to the wrists to his patrons and receives gifts.

Without blood relations men and women also celebrates the rakhi festival. There by having transformed tradition  of voluntary kin relations, maintained and achieved by tying of rakhi threads across which cut the caste and class lines including muslim and hindu divisions. it is celebrated in other countries of the world, by hindu communities.


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